Watch: Netflix Debuts First Trailer For Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

1 hour ago


Adapting video games into movies and TV shows doesn’t always turn out well, but Netflix have seen a lot of success lately with the likes of Castlevania and The Witcher. In fact, the streaming giant is looking to invest in the genre quite heavily over the next few years, with perhaps the most notable project on the slate being a new Resident Evil TV show.

Coming to us from Supernatural producer Andrew Dabb, it’s been in the works for some time now and instead of just adapting a single storyline, it’ll create its own world that includes elements from the franchise and features familiar faces throughout. But it would seem that fans of Capcom’s beloved series have more than just that to look forward to.

Seen up above is a trailer for something called Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, which Netflix dropped out of nowhere today. Arriving on the Netflix Portugal Twitter account, it’s not entirely clear what this project is, but it would appear to be a CG movie releasing in 2021 that seemingly features Resident Evil 2 protagonists Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. Infinite Darkness is certainly not the same thing as the aforementioned live-action show, that much we know, but aside from what we just went over, we can’t say much else about what exactly this is.

In fact, given how none of the other Netflix Twitter accounts have released the above promo, and there’s really no information about it to be found anywhere, it’s possible that this video was posted ahead of schedule and an official reveal could be just around the corner. Or, it may be pulled down soon, with the announcement saved for a much later date.

Regardless, Netflix is clearly cooking up something else for the Resident Evil franchise aside from the live-action show that’s already been revealed. And once we learn more about what they’ve got planned with Infinite Darkness, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: IGN