Watch: Ryan Reynolds Asks Fans To Register To Vote In New Video

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There’s no doubt that the world is a divided place full of anger, frustration and exhaustion right now, especially given the abysmal year that 2020 has bestowed upon us. Between the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, nationwide civil unrest and wildfires wiping out millions of acres across the western United States, it isn’t hard to see why people would be feeling those things. And unfortunately, it’s all also happening in an election year that will largely shape the country’s future for quite some time.

This year’s presidential election between Republican incumbent Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden is poised to be a historic showdown, but widespread fears regarding mail-in voting, election tampering and foreign interference has understandably left many feeling discouraged about the voting process. With less than two months before the election, though, and an awful lot on the line, lots of celebrities and officials are reminding citizens that there isn’t much time left to register and give your vote a fighting chance at turning the tide for your chosen candidate.

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has decided to join in, too, while on the set of his upcoming film Red Notice, sharing a video yesterday to remind people that it was National Voter Registration Day. In a time where so many are feeling like their vote may not matter, he remains adamant about reminding folks – in his typical sarcastic way – that there’s a lot at stake this year and that there’s no room for hesitance.

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Today’s #NationalVoterRegistrationDay – There are lots of quick and easy resources to help get you registered, like @votedotorg, @whenweallvote, @votesaveamerica or @rockthevote just to name a few.

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In the short video, he states:

I’m sitting here on set. I had a little break, thought I’d make a video and let you know it’s Voter Registration Day, which is a huge day. For me, it’s like Christmas Day – the Christmas Day of voting. Except what’s under the tree is the rest of our lives. So, no pressure.

It’s great to see various celebrities like Ryan Reynolds reminding people how important this election is going to be for the future of the country, and here’s to hoping he managed to encourage at least some citizens to register. Of course, if you still haven’t done so, you can get started by going right here to ensure your voice is heard this year.