Watch: The Mandalorian Season 2 TV Spot Teases A Thrilling Adventure

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A new TV spot for The Mandalorian season 2 has landed this week.

Star Wars fans were waiting a long time for their first look at the sophomore run of the hit Disney Plus show, until it finally dropped earlier this month. Now, the countdown can really begin for the upcoming season’s premiere on the streaming service at the end of October. Ahead of that, though, a new promo for the series has been released, as the marketing continues to ramp up.

Unfortunately, the TV spot doesn’t reveal any fresh footage, as it’s a 60-second edit of the previously unveiled trailer, but it’s a new teaser all the same. At some point, as we near the release date, additional footage will come our way. For now, though, relive some of the best moments from the trailer – including Baby Yoda being adorably meme-able – via the video above.

Moff Gideon Returns In More New Mandalorian Season 2 Photos

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As you can see, this TV spot reminds us that Din Djarin’s new mission in season 2 is to find where The Child truly belongs. As he’s told in the voiceover, Baby Yoda’s rightful place is with the Jedi – the Mandalorians’ old rivals. We get a glimpse of what could be a Jedi character in the teaser, too, as played by Sasha Banks. The identity of who she’s portraying has been a point of much speculation from fans, but some think she could be Sabine Wren, which might not be a crazy suggestion. Elsewhere, folks have already spotted what could be a Boba Fett easter egg, hinting at his reported comeback in season 2.

A recent Rotten Tomatoes poll determined that The Mandalorian is the most anticipated returning TV show across all demographics. Of course, that’s unsurprising given how universally popular the first run was with audiences, but let’s hope season 2 will prove just as successful with everyone when it kicks off on Disney Plus from October 30th.