A Forgotten Sylvester Stallone Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today

2 hours ago


Sylvester Stallone first shot to prominence in 1976 with Rocky, which saw him score Academy Award nominations for Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay. Earning early comparisons to the authentic style of Marlon Brando, many thought that a filmmaking powerhouse had just burst onto the scene, and while Stallone did reign as one of the world’s biggest movie stars for a long time, it was the action genre that became his stock in trade.

Sly dominated the 1980s with the Rocky and Rambo franchises along with underrated gems like Cobra and Tango & Cash, before he hit a lean period in the 90s where critical and commercial acclaim was increasingly hard to come by bar the odd exception. For instance, for every Demolition Man or Cliffhanger, there was a Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot or The Specialist.

One of the better titles from that period of his career, though, was Daylight, the high concept disaster thriller directed by Rob Cohen. After a tunnel collapses, a handful of survivors are trapped with no way out, and Stallone’s fire chief turned taxi driver is their only hope of getting through the ordeal alive. The movie was a modest hit at the time, earning almost $160 million at the box office on a $80 million budget despite less than enthusiastic reviews, but it’s not talked about much anymore.

Recently, though, Daylight arrived on Netflix and has already become the latest forgotten movie to crack the Top 10 list, where it currently ranks as the eighth most popular title on the streaming service across the world. Ideal disposable entertainment for a lazy weekend, the effects-heavy actioner is the perfect way to whittle away a couple of hours during your downtime, and is well positioned to remain in the Top 10 for at least a little while longer.

Source: FlixPatrol