CBS Reportedly Considering Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Revival

2 hours ago


Star Trek‘s past and present just keep on colliding. Following Patrick Stewart’s big return in Picard, Kate Mulgrew is set to voice Captain Janeway in the upcoming animated series, Star Trek: Prodigy. But the mining of 90s Trek might not stop there, as more evidence is pointing to CBS having plans to resurrect the characters of Deep Space Nine as well.

Last weekend, We Got This Covered reported that the network is thinking about doing something with Avery Brooks as Benjamin Sisko, the chief of the space station throughout DS9‘s seven seasons (1993-99). Now, Geekosity’s Mikey Sutton is reporting that his own intel says much the same thing. According to the insider, CBS is considering reviving DS9 in some form for Paramount+, the rebranded and expanded CBS All Access that’s launching in 2021.

Sutton teases that other Deep Space Nine stars could return alongside him, too. He can’t say which ones as yet, but this news only doubles our chances of seeing Michael Dorn as Worf again, given that he would fit in with both this project and Picard. 

Sutton also points out that a DS9 revival could be a great idea on two fronts. Obviously, it will tap into that 90s nostalgia that’s fuelling so many of the modern Trek series – including Lower Decks, which boasted several Next Generation cameos in its first season – but there’s a lot of creative potential there, too, as the show was ahead of its time in many ways. Brooks was the first African-American lead in the franchise and it featured one of TV’s earliest lesbian kisses, for instance.

At the moment, it’s clearly still early days for this concept, but as the Star Trek universe keeps on expanding in all directions on TV, it feels highly plausible that a Deep Space Nine revival could end up materializing.

Source: Geekosity