Christian Bale Arrives In Australia For Thor: Love And Thunder

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Taikia Waititi’s Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel Thor: Love and Thunder doesn’t even start shooting until January, but the cast and crew are already heading Down Under in preparation for the God of Thunder’s fourth solo outing. Of course, leading man Chris Hemsworth was born and raised in the country, so he doesn’t have as far to travel, but the rest of the movie’s major players have started flying in from all over the world.

Natalie Portman was rumored to have set up camp as early as last month to get her family settled for what promises to be an even lengthier production than usual, due to the stringent health and safety protocols required as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, and Christian Bale has now touched down in Australia, too, with fans losing their minds when it was first announced that one of the finest actors of his generation would be playing an MCU villain.

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Presumably, the 46 year-old will need to isolate for two weeks, having jetted in from the other side of the planet, before getting down to business. And even though we’re still in October and cameras won’t roll for another three months, there’s going to be plenty of stunt training and rehearsals required for a project of Love and Thunder‘s scale.

Then again, based on the lengths he’s gone to multiple times before in his career, you shouldn’t bet against the idea of Bale doing something pretty drastic to get into character, though we still don’t even know who the Academy Award winner and former Batman will be playing in the movie. Hopefully, Thor: Love and Thunder can shed some light on the many mysteries now that the cast and crew are starting to arrive in Australia.

Source: The Direct