Fortnite Director Reportedly Teases Smash Bros. Crossover Character

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Fortnite has already conquered the pop culture spheres of comic books and film and now, it seems as if Epic Games has its sights set on crossing over with one of gaming’s biggest IPs. Super Smash Bros., Nintendo’s all-star brawler – itself having forged a reputation as the go-to fighting title for profile-raising collaborations – continues to deliver new DLC characters from franchises all across the industry, and it’s looking increasingly likely that Fortnite could be next in line to join the party.

That’s according to leaker and data miner FireMonkey, at least, who says they’ve received a tip from a reliable source detailing a call which reportedly took place between Epic director Donald Mustard and games journalist Geoff Keighley. The call in question was apparently held over Zoom and involved discussions ranging from this year’s Game Awards ceremony to the future of Fortnite.

The major talking points, as compiled FireMonkey, can be found below:

Fortnite Director Reportedly Hints At Smash Bros. Crossover Character

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While the documentation above doesn’t make it entirely clear, one can only assume that references to an upcoming event relate to Chapter 2 Season 5, which is expected to kick off sometime in late November. That being the case, Keighley’s Game Awards would take place a week or so later and presumably involve a teaser for some sort of new content drop.

Mustard, it’s worth mentioning, has been present at numerous iterations of the event in the past in order to promote Fortnite-related announcements, so we wouldn’t at all be surprised to see a repeat performance for 2020. Nintendo, too, has revealed new characters for Smash Bros. Ultimate on stage, so rumors of a pairing certainly aren’t without precedent.

As always, we’ll just have to wait and see what transpires, though should the rumors prove true, it’s likely that Fortnite fans will get their first teaser of what’s to come when Season 5 goes live. Watch this space for further updates.

Source: Twitter