Gorgeous New Poster For The Mandalorian Season 2 Debuts

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It’s October now and we can finally say that The Mandalorian returns this month. Season 2 of the smash hit Star Wars live-action series is incoming and hopes are high that it’s going to measure up to the whirlwind success of last year’s debut run. The season premiere drops on Disney Plus on October 30th and it’s undoubtedly the streaming service’s highlight of the month. And the Mouse House has been keen to remind subscribers about that.

D+ cranked up the promotion on the series by unveiling a brand new poster on social media today. “This month, the story continues. Start streaming the new season of The Mandalorian Oct. 30 on Disney Plus.” reads the caption. The poster itself, meanwhile, features Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) racing along what’s probably the sands of Tatooine on a speeder, with Baby Yoda in a pouch at his rear, looking as adorable as always.

Gorgeous New Poster For The Mandalorian Season 2

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So far, we’ve got the one full trailer for season 2, from which fans have been able to pull many intriguing hints and teases. For instance, it could feature our first glimpse at Boba Fett, who’s set to somehow return. Meanwhile, it also introduced us to Sasha Banks’ mysterious Jedi. And no, she’s not Ahsoka Tano, as she’ll be played by Rosario Dawson. No doubt Disney is deliberately keeping the fan favorite heroine out of the marketing to maintain some surprises.

We already know that the upcoming season will follow the titular bounty hunter on his new quest to bring The Child to his own people – in other words, the Jedi. But that mission might be easier said than done, given that Djarin has Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), now armed with the Darksaber, on his tail. Be warned, though, if Gideon harms one hair on Baby Yoda’s head, the internet will riot.

Don’t miss The Mandalorian season 2 when it kicks off on Disney Plus the day before Halloween.

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