Here’s How Emily Blunt Could Look As Sue Storm In Fantastic Four Reboot

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Now that Disney owns all the Marvel properties once controlled by Fox, it’s only a matter of time before the Fantastic Four are drafted into the MCU. As ever, fan speculation has resulted in a litany of suggestions for who would best play them, with real-life married couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski popular choices to portray married couple Sue Storm and Reed Richards. And of the former, some new fan art gives us a pretty good idea of how she might look as the Invisible Woman.

Like the other members of the team, Sue gained her powers after being exposed to cosmic rays during a space flight. Initially only able to turn invisible (with the conceptual outline requiring her be naked to do so), a few years after, her debut her power set was expanded to also give her the ability to project psionic force fields that she uses in both offensive and defensive capacities.

Here's How Emily Blunt Could Look As Sue Storm In Fantastic Four Reboot

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Although Blunt is yet to appear in any comic book adaptations, she was Jon Favreau’s original choice to play Black Widow when the character was first introduced in Iron Man 2. However, she was unable to accept the role due to a prior commitment to star in comedy misfire Gulliver’s Travels, her disappointment at which she’s mentioned in the past. She does, however, have prior form as an action heroine, starring in sci-fi film Edge of Tomorrow (which due to confusing marketing is now better known as ‘Live Die Repeat’) where she played super-soldier Rita Vrataski in a time loop story of alien invasion.

A Fantastic Four movie is currently only a vague concept and it will be several years at least before Marvel’s First Family make their MCU debut. However, when consideration for who should step into the blue jumpsuits is seriously discussed, nobody would be able to deny that Blunt certainly looks like she could fill the role.

Source: Instagram (Yadvender Singh Rana)