Marvel Reportedly Wants To Do A Civil War II Movie

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Captain America: Civil War was hardly a faithful adaptation of the comic book storyline, and was basically just a Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers movie in everything but name. The basic concept of opposing superhero factions facing off was lifted by Kevin Feige and the Russo brothers, but the premise was tailored to fit the franchise’s overarching narrative and recurring story points.

It also turned out to be one of the most enjoyable entries in the entire MCU, winning widespread acclaim from both fans and critics and racing to over a billion dollars at the box office, becoming the first installment to ever reach the elusive ten figure mark where Robert Downey Jr. didn’t take top billing. Admittedly, he was all over the marketing, but Chris Evans’ Cap was the focal point of the movie.

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Now, insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that the studio are considering adapting the comic book follow-up for the big screen, with Civil War II arriving a decade after the original. The feature film version would need to make some pretty drastic changes to the source material, though, with the crossover event featuring many characters that are dead in the MCU’s timeline including Iron Man and Thanos, while others that have yet to debut or been swept under the rug entirely, such as the X-Men and Inhumans, also factoring into things.

Civil War II involves premonitions of an intergalactic invasion, the deaths of War Machine and She-Hulk, the homeworld of the Inhumans, the murder of Bruce Banner at the hands of Hawkeye and Miles Morales being arrested for the precognitive killing of Steve Rogers, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Presumably, then, if the crossover event is heading to the big screen, some very heavy alterations will be required to make sure it seamlessly slots into the MCU’s established continuity.

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