Marvel Rumored To Be Considering A Deadpoolverse Movie

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After the exciting casting news of a live-action Spiderverse sent fans into a frenzy, the MCU is currently mulling whether or not another series under their umbrella should adapt the same strategy. According to reliable insider Daniel Richtman, the folks in charge at Marvel are currently considering whether or not Deadpool should also have his own multiverse.

Execs at the House of Mouse reportedly wants multiple versions of the superhero to appear in future films and are currently considering a whole Deadpoolverse movie. After all, the studio did tell us that they had big plans for Wade Wilson and the gang, though some of those supporting players might be getting recast in future pics.

At the very least, Vanessa and Weasel are likely to be played by new actors going forward. From what we’ve heard, Blake Lively might even get a chance to star alongside her husband at some point. If the filmmakers at the top are really creative, they could even make her a female version of Deadpool from another universe. Now that would be awesome.

Ryan Reynolds Reveals Costume Test For Unused Deadpool 2 Suit

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This bold multiverse plan would certainly cure what Ryan Reynolds describes as an “alarming lack of Deadpool” in the MCU. After a film starring several different iterations of the snarky Merc with a Mouth, some fans might even start to believe that less is more. Regardless, the actor who plays the titular vigilante is on the verge of receiving the biggest deal in franchise history. No matter how many types of this character appear onscreen, it sounds like Reynolds will still be the head honcho for a long time to come.

Would you like to see potential Deadpoolverse or are you content with just one Deadpool? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!

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