Netflix Reportedly Renews Popular Sci-Fi Show For Season 2

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Netflix‘s Away wasn’t the critical darling the streaming service had hoped for, but still scored a healthy audience. In fact, three days after its release last month, it rocketed to the top of the charts to become their most popular domestic TV show (a feat it also achieved in almost every international territory).

The science fiction drama follows the crew of the first manned mission to Mars, with them having to learn to co-exist within a very confined space, live with limited resources and in the most high stakes of conditions. But, above all else, they were dealing with the isolation from their families caused by being away from them, with many plotlines contrasting the cramped, sterile surroundings of the ship with normal life back on Earth for their loved ones.

Season 1 ended with (spoilers) the team successfully landing on the red planet, which instantly caused its own complications as various governments argued that their respective astronaut should be first to step foot on the surface. In the end, they all left together, emphasizing teamwork and internationalism above patriotism.

Netflix Unveils New Hilary Swank Sci-Fi Drama Away

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Now, according to a report from What’s on Netflix, a second season is going to happen and the mission will continue. The site has a good track record with this type of thing and that, in addition to it being a ratings hit, is pretty much confirmation for me. There were many dangling plot threads left after the first season as well and I’m very interested in seeing what the crew do now that they’re actually on Mars, and whether or not this will prove to be a one-way trip. I just hope they don’t retread too much of the excellent movie The Martian.

I’d bet that a decent amount of story and prep work has already been completed on the second season, so hopefully shooting will begin soon after the official announcement and we may see it air in late 2021.

Source: What’s On Netflix