Ryan Reynolds Shows Off Deadpool Mask As He Encourages People To Vote

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If there’s one thing people love, it’s celebrities telling them how to vote. Over the past week, we’ve seen a number of actors releasing videos online supporting Joe Biden for President, including a bunch of the MCU’s Avengers getting together for a “Voters Assemble” Biden fundraiser. Along the way, we’ve also seen Michael Keaton showing his support for the Democrats and 94-year-old comedy icon Mel Brooks breaking his ‘no politics’ rule for the first time to oppose Trump.

Now, Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds has stepped in with a simple reminder that people should not just vote, but vote safely. He made the plea on Instagram, glancing at a Deadpool mask in pride of place on a shelf behind him and captioning the pictures as follows:

“Voting is happening right now. It’s important to have a plan. And a mask. Definitely wear a mask.”

Ryan Reynolds Shows Off Deadpool Mask As He Encourages People To Vote

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The Free Guy star has recently been leveraging his fame and fortune for various progressive causes. Among other things, he’s launched The Group Effort Initiative, whose mission is to boost diversity in Hollywood by providing opportunities for underrepresented groups. The project will bring together 10-20 trainees from marginalized communities. They’ll be given housing and training and a job on a future Reynolds movie, and he’s paying for this from his own salary.

He’s also expressed interest in buying Welsh soccer team Wrexham AFC. The bid, made with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator Rob McElhenney, is intended as a way to promote soccer in the US rather than as a money-making venture, and because the pair both feel a connection with the blue collar, working class town.

So, while a lot of celebrity political posturing is honestly pretty nauseating – we do not need to be told how to vote by actors of all people – at least Ryan Reynolds puts his money where his mouth is. And anyway, he’s not wrong, as voting is indeed important.

Source: Instagram