Saturday Night Live Roasts Rudy Giuliani’s Borat 2 Controversy

1 hour ago


Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is lighting up the streaming charts this weekend. The sequel is full of great scenes, with my favorites being the incredibly awkward dance at the debutante ball and the visit to the evangelical pro-life ‘clinic’. But the obvious highlight comes at the climax, when Borat’s daughter Tutar ends up in a hotel room with Rudy Giuliani. He then proceeds to lie down on the bed and ‘adjust his belt’ while drooling over the young blonde.

The sight of the former New York mayor and high-profile Trump ally caught on film with his hands in his pants has dominated recent news cycles and proved irresistible for SNL to mock last night. Once again, Kate McKinnon popped on the bald cap and appeared as Giuliani during the ‘presidential debate’ cold open. Alec Baldwin’s Trump said “ask my lawyer, Rudy Giuliani” and we cut to McKinnon with her hand vigorously pumping in her underwear and a panicked expression.

Stammering, she says: “it’s not what it looks like, my, my microphone was stuck… on my balls. Is this another Borat? You’ve got to tell me if it’s another Borat!” She then went on to poke fun at the increasingly complicated ‘laptop from hell’ story that the Trump camp hopes will sink Biden’s campaign.

If you haven’t checked out Borat Subsequent Moviefilm yet, I highly recommend it. The movie doesn’t quite hit the heights of the 2006 original, but it’s still an extremely funny watch. Maria Bakalova, who plays Borat’s feral daughter, is mind-blowingly good and easily the equal of Baron Cohen in the way she keeps a straight face in the most ridiculous situations. If there’s any justice in the world, this will be her breakout role and we’ll be seeing a lot more of the actress soon. Hell, if they want to do a spinoff just starring her, I’d be on that immediately.