Stranger Things Star Shares Wolverine Fan Art Then Deletes It

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Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery is a popular fan cast for many Marvel and DC roles, like Nightwing or the Human Torch, but he’s more often than not linked to the part of Wolverine on social media. And it seems the actor would love to play the character, too, going by a recent post on Twitter. But what are we meant to read into the fact that he deleted it soon after?

Montgomery took to Twitter on Friday to share a piece of fan art from BossLogic depicting him as the MCU’s Wolverine, complete with cigar and sideburns. The actor – who, like Hugh Jackman, is a native of Australia – shared the image without any caption. However, he’s since removed the tweet, which has left fans scratching their heads.

This situation does bring to mind Jamie Foxx’s recent Instagram incident where he shared some exciting Spider-Man 3 fan art imagining all the Spideys teaming up to take on his Electro, but then promptly deleted it. Folks have theorized that this means he may have revealed more than he should have. Has Montgomery done something similar? Is he in talks with Marvel to play the iconic mutant?

Stranger Things Star Shares Then Deletes Wolverine Fan Art

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It’s too early to say, but the actor’s definitely been enjoying teasing his Twitter followers lately. He also recently posted a pic of himself which seemed to suggest that he was returning in the fourth season of Stranger Things, despite his character being killed off last time we saw the Netflix show. So far, that photo is still up, meaning that the producers must’ve let him keep it on his account. But, as we know, Marvel are much hotter on that kind of thing.

Alternatively, maybe the actor just hit the wrong button and accidentally retweeted BL’s work when he didn’t mean to and we’re reading too much into it.

What do you think, though? Should Dacre Montgomery be the MCU’s Wolverine? If not, who should? Have your say in the comments section.