Stranger Things Star Teases An Exciting Character Return For Season 4

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One Stranger Things star we thought we had seen the last of on the show has hinted that they may be back after all in season 4. Dacre Montgomery played Billy across the past two seasons of the hit Netflix series, but his character’s death in the season 3 finale made it seem like we’d seen the last of him. But maybe not, if we’re interpreting his most recent social media post correctly.

Montgomery took to Twitter a few days ago to share a black-and-white image of himself in a trailer getting ready to go before cameras. And all the signs would point to this being Stranger Things. The curled mullet and thin facial hair he’s sporting in this photo are a direct match to his look as Max’s older step-brother. And we know that season 4 is now filming again following a long break due to the pandemic. So it looks like Billy’s coming back for more.

Billy was an antagonistic force in season 2, as he treated Max and her friends badly and was also a rival to Steve Harrington. In season 3, though, he graduated to main villain as the Mind Flayer chose him as its main vessel in Hawkins as it worked to manifest itself outside the Upside Down. The possessed Billy brought many under the Flayer’s control, resulting in countless deaths, but he was eventually able to rebel against its control and sacrifice himself to help stop it.

Stranger Things Star Teases A Shock Return For Season 4

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This seemed pretty final, so it’s hard to imagine how he could be resurrected, even in a show as high-concept as Stranger Things. It’s possible, then, that Montgomery could be back to film some flashback scenes for season 4. This would suggest we’re getting a more Max-focused subplot this season, with flashbacks maybe exploring a bit more of her backstory before she moved to Hawkins.

There’s still a ways to go on filming for Stranger Things 4, but maybe it’s possible it could hit Netflix sometime late next year.

Source: Twitter