The DCEU Will Reportedly Be Getting Another Superman Soon

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At this point, the speculation about what the future may bring for Henry Cavill’s Superman is likely to carry on for a while yet. At least until either the actor or studio issue some sort of definitive statement on the matter. After all, the Big Blue Boy Scout has been linked to a whole host of upcoming DCEU project, but nothing has been outright confirmed as of yet.

Not to mention that we’ve also heard reports that The Witcher star was being dropped from the role, before eventually signing on the dotted line again to extend his contract. But even then, there’s no clear picture on where and when we’ll see him next, or what his DCEU future looks like.

And while that’s still the case, sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us that a Green Lantern and Justice League Dark show are coming to HBO Max – that Warner Bros. has definite plans to introduce a new Superman at some point. That doesn’t mean Cavill is out, as with the introduction of the multiverse, there can easily be multiple versions of the same character running around.

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I mean, just look at how the DCEU will soon be home to Pattinson and Affleck’s Batmen. Not to mention Michael Keaton’s, too. Which continuity this new Superman will hail from, or which version of the hero it’ll be, we don’t yet know. All we’ve been told that is that we’ll for sure be seeing a new Man of Steel running around the franchise at some point. And that this take on the hero will be getting his own solo movies as well.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, either, as while Cavill is indeed signed on for more, many reports have pointed to him only showing up in cameo capacity in future projects, or even an HBO Max series. With all his other commitments, it doesn’t seem like he really has the time anymore to be headline multiple feature-length films as Superman, and with WB said to be on frosty terms with him anyways, it’s not hard to see why they want to draft in a new version of the hero to expand the mythology with.