The Rise Of Skywalker’s Death Star Creates A Continuity Error In Star Wars Canon

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With the House of Mouse renouncing most of the storylines in the Expanded Universe ever since buying the rights to that galaxy far, far away, you’d think that the producers behind the various shows and films would keep a tight grip on the continuity to make sure that nothing falls apart.

And yet, even Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker contained numerous plot holes that fans have gradually discovered over the past year. Palpatine’s return from the dead, the artifact that led to the Sith Wayfinder, and even Rey’s final confrontation with the resurrected Emperor left much to be desired in terms of… well, generally making sense.

Now, it seems that the last movie in the Skywalker Saga conflicts with another canon Star Wars title as well. In 2017’s Battlefront II by EA, there’s a map where players have to navigate through the second Death Star’s debris over Endor. But the wreckage, or more precisely, the Concave Dish, is much different from what we see on the moon of Kef Bir in Episode IX.

In DICE’s creation, the dish is falling apart, but The Rise of Skywalker shows that it’s intact, at least more so than what’s left of it in the video game. You can check out the difference between the film and the game version for yourself below:

The Rise Of Skywalker's Death Star Creates A Continuity Error In Star Wars Canon

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Unfortunately, these errors seem inevitable when you’re dealing with a multimedia franchise involving movies, novels, video games, comics and even audiobooks, though it can still put off some diehard fans who care about consistency.

As for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Daisy Ridley herself recently let slip that even Rey’s origins were uncertain during filming, which is all the more proof that Disney’s Sequel Trilogy was doomed from the start due to lack of a clear vision for all three movies. As such, it’s not really surprising to see that fans are still discovering more plot holes in J.J. Abrams’ concluding act.

Source: ScreenRant