Tom Felton Planning Harry Potter Cast Reunion For 19th Anniversary

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In a year where we’ve already had a Lord of the Rings cast reunion, the people behind the Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be remiss to not plan something similar. Though it appears the task has fallen to Draco Malfoy, of all people, to deliver the fandom from longing for their favorite stars.

For eight years, Tom Felton played the undecided and reluctant adversary of J.K. Rowling’s epic tale, causing havoc across Hogwarts and even briefly allying with the Dark Lord because of his father’s predispositions. But Malfoy eventually came through, showing that deep down, he didn’t share Voldemort’s unrelenting hatred and villainy. In a sense, the writer created this character to not only counter Harry as his peer but also depict the archetype of the misunderstood antagonist.

Now, it seems that that the actor behind Malfoy has brought the character’s redemption arc to full fruition, as he recently revealed that he actively tries to stay connected to his old co-stars. In addition, Felton wants to plan a reunion with the cast of Harry Potter for the upcoming 19th anniversary of the franchise on November 14th, saying:

“I saw the Weasley twins the other day. We went out to play some golf. Always chatting with a lot of the other guys on WhatsApp and staying in touch with them and making sure everything’s alright. It’s been nice because it’s the 19th-year anniversary on Nov. 14, so I’m planning some sort of digital celebration… I’m trying to wrangle all the oldies back together again to celebrate the achievement really.”

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I know what you’re thinking. The idea of Malfoy playing golf with the Weasleys is as far an image from the continuity of the series as Potterheads could possibly come up with. But I guess that’s the thing with Felton; the actor has shown over the years that he shares little to no similarity in terms of defining traits with someone like Malfoy.

Though that hasn’t clearly stopped people from giving him a hard time. Talking about his experience with fan interaction, here’s what the Rise of the Planet of the Apes star had to say.

“A lot of [fans] really struggle with the idea of [Harry Potter] not being real. When I meet them, I try to be as friendly as I can, but I think that freaks them out even more. ‘Why is Draco smiling at me?’ The more I try, too – put my arm around them or something – the more it’s ‘Get him away from me!’ So I’ve learned to give up. It’s too hard for some of them. I still get letters, you know, ‘What did Harry ever do to you? Why are you mean to him?’ So it’s been good to do appearances at awards shows, and the younger fans, maybe they see, ‘Oh, right, it’s make-believe.’”

In any event, we hope that Felton manages to get the cast of Harry Potter or at least some of the actors for this reunion since it’s a safe bet that even the idea of these characters interacting with each other after so many years can drive fans over the edge with excitement.

Source: MovieWeb