Watch: Kanye West Shares First Presidential Campaign Ad

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2020 has been very strange and depressing for just about everyone. Almost every country around the world is still fighting against the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, but for the United States, in particular, it’s also an extremely important election year, which is only exacerbating the already sizeable social and political divide in the nation.

And that’s all without even mentioning Kanye West‘s unexpected bid for the presidency, which has been stealing a lot of headlines as of late and will only continue to do so now that he’s shared his first presidential campaign video. No, really.

Up above, you can see the clip in question, which the rapper shared on Twitter this afternoon, just 22 days ahead of Election Day. Discussing how the nation needs to place more of a focus on religion and faith, here’s what he had to say:

“America. What is America’s destiny? What is best for our nation? Our people? What is just? True justice? We have to think about all these things together as a people. To contemplate our future, to live up to our dream, we must have vision. We as a people will revive our nation’s commitment to faith, to what our constitution calls the free exercise of religion, including, of course, prayer,” he said. “Through prayer, faith can be restored.”

Understandably, the past few months have seen many question just how serious the musician his about running for office. And while it remains to be seen how much of this is a publicity stunt and how much of it is genuine, West could certainly siphon some votes away from Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

He has, after all, spent at least $6 million of his own money on the campaign. Not that that’s a lot of money for him, mind you. But still, you’ve got to imagine he has at least some intention of making a serious push. Then again, he’s also failed to make the ballot in a number of states and on the occasions that he was included in surveys, he didn’t exactly poll well.

In any case, Kanye West‘s bizarre campaign has been nothing if not entertaining to watch unfold and as we inch closer to the big day, it’ll be fascinating to see what he does next.

Source: Twitter