Watch: PlayStation 5 Teardown Shows You Everything That’s Inside the Console

2 hours ago


If you’ve ever been tempted to grab a screwdriver and go exploring inside the guts of your favorite gaming console, Sony’s got just the video for you.

Earlier today, the company released a clip over on YouTube which, while wholly unnecessary, provides fascinating insight not just into the design of its upcoming PlayStation 5 console, but an overview of all the individual components that make up the powerful next-gen device. In what can only be described as an incredibly cathartic experience, Sony’s Yasuhiro Ootori proceeds to spend seven minutes methodically taking apart a PS5 piece by piece.

Beginning with the stand, which works regardless of whether the console is placed vertically or horizontally, Ootori continues to remove the pearly white face plates (you can absolutely expect custom versions to be a thing) before cracking the remarkably large console itself open.

New PlayStation 5 Images Reveal The Console's Huge Size

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Perhaps the most noteworthy revelation of the entire process is a first look at just how large the cooling fan integrated into the system actually is.

The PS4, of course, received heavy criticism due to its noise pollution which, as anyone who’s experienced the issue can no doubt attest to, often sounds like a miniature jet engine firing up in your living room. Just to be on the safe side in this regard, designers have also made room for a gigantic heat sink, making the likelihood of the PS5 overheating low, to say the least. Beyond that, audiences are treated to a brief look at the PS5’s disc drive and motherboard, which houses everything from the custom GPU to a small patch of liquid metal, again for the purposes of cooling.

The PlayStation 5 launches next month, November 12th, in North America and one week later in other territories, including Europe.