A Beloved Jim Carrey Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today

1 hour ago


A beloved Jim Carrey movie is dominating Netflix today – though it’s hard to work out if it’s because folks are in the Christmas spirit or they’re not. The movie in question is 2000’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas, in which Carrey plays the eponymous green grouch. According to Flix Patrol, the Dr. Seuss adaptation is trending at #7 when it comes to the most popular movies on Netflix in the US this Friday.

Presumably users are lapping up The Grinch because they’re in an early festive mood, but alternatively they might be checking out the film because they side with the green meanie and his anti-holiday ways. Carrey’s Grinch has become a very meme-able figure online, with his cynical, loner personality turning out to be surprisingly relatable to many people. Whatever the reason, Ron Howard’s movie is proving to be just what Netflix subscribers want to watch today.

If you somehow are not familiar with the classic story, The Grinch sees the title character scheme to ruin the Christmas of the people of Whoville, after a lifetime of being bullied by them for his strange appearance. Only young idealistic Cindy Lou Who (Taylor Momson) has a chance of reaching the Grinch’s good side. Can she appeal to his better nature in time to save the day? Well, this is a Christmas movie so you can probably guess the answer to that question.

The Grinch was a huge hit 20 years ago, earning $345 million worldwide and becoming the second-highest grossing holiday film – behind Home Alone – at the time. In fact, it remained in that spot until 2018’s The Grinch animated movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch became the most successful Christmas flick ever, knocking it into third place. Those who caught the Carrey version and want more Grinch can also find that one on Netflix, too.

Source: FlixPatrol