Disney Reportedly Sticking With R-Rating For Deadpool 3

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Waiting for Deadpool 3 to arrive sort of feels like waiting for the end of this global pandemic. I mean, we all know it’s going to happen at some point, but it’s just taking so darn long that often, it feels like it might never transpire.

Thankfully, though, the project took a big step forward earlier today following the news that two new writers have been hired to pen the script. Yes, as you may’ve heard, Ryan Reynolds and Marvel Studios met with a whole bunch of Hollywood’s best and brightest talent and in the end, handed the job to the Molyneux sisters.

And though no further details came with that initial report, Variety’s Justin Kroll has now shared a bit of info that’s going to make fans very, very happy, taking to Twitter to tell us that the project is expected to come attached with an R-rating, just like Deadpool and its sequel.

Sources now say the film is still expected to be rated R like the previous two installments https://t.co/bpNRScUjhi

— Justin Kroll (@krolljvar) November 20, 2020

Deadpool 3 Fan Poster Imagines The Merc With A Mouth's MCU Debut

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Of course, there’d been much speculation over whether or not Marvel Studios would keep the foul-mouthed merc in a more mature setting given the family-friendly nature of not only Disney but the entire MCU. However, it seems that they’ve listened to the fans on this one and will be keeping things R-rated, just as they should.

What this means for some of the other darker Marvel properties brewing in development – like Blade and Ghost Rider – we don’t know. But if the studio is willing to ease up on their family-friendly stance a bit and let the Merc with a Mouth continue to carry on in the same vein as we’ve seen previously, then that would seemingly bode well for other mature heroes.

Tell us, though, are you excited to hear that Deadpool 3 will be rated R, or were you already expecting it? As always, let us know down below.