Here’s How Zendaya Could Look As The Batman Universe’s Batgirl

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Fans have been waiting to see Batgirl in the DCEU for years now, but we’ve still yet to meet our next cinematic Barbara Gordon. She’s got to be coming soon, though, as The Batman is set to relaunch the Dark Knight’s mythos on the big screen. Most actresses who’ve been fancast for the part tend to be Caucasian and/or red headed, but actually, the signs are pointing to director Matt Reeves likely hiring a person of color for the character.

After all, Jeffrey Wright is set to play Jim Gordon, Babs’ father, in The Batman, and this has inspired fan artist Mizuri to now imagine what Spider-Man star Zendaya would look like if she was chosen to play Batgirl opposite Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne. You can check out their work down below and we must say, the actress would certainly fit the role well if she were to be selected for it.

“With Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon in the Matt Reeves’ Batverse, I reckon [Zendaya] could be a badass Barbara Gordon,” the artist said in their caption on the Instagram post. “The idea came to me after seeing the epic Dune trailer with [Timothy Chalamet] as my top pick for Robin (Grayson). Hope you like it!”

Zendaya Becomes The Batman Universe's Batgirl In Epic Fan Art

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As Mizuri reminds us, Zendaya is set to appear in another major upcoming Warner Bros. blockbuster, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, alongside DCEU star Jason Momoa, which is coming out next October. She also features in HBO’s Euphoria as well. So, the actress does already have a working relationship with the studio, which could lead to a DC role like Batgirl. She also has commitments to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though, so she might be too busy to don Barbara’s cowl. At least, anytime in the near future.

But tell us, do you like the idea of Zendaya being cast as The Batman‘s Batgirl? If not, who would be your ideal choice for the heroine? Head on over to the comments section down below and feel free to share your thoughts.

Source: Mizuri