Netflix Is Adding 14 New Movies/TV Shows This Week

4 hours ago


We’ve just hit November, and that means a whole new month of material for Netflix subscribers. The platform is adding a lot of content for this period, including the latest instalment of The Crown, and several of its Christmas titles ahead of the festive season. Focusing on this week, though, what movies and series are Netflix putting out to keep us busy?

Well, first up on November 2nd is the 2018 science fiction film Prospect, which sees Pedro Pascal and Sophie Thatcher as a father and daughter team who travel to a moon to mine for rare gems, but soon encounter bigger problems. Prospect was the feature-length directorial debut of Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell, and enjoyed a limited release and some decent critical responses.

In terms of other movies, we’re getting the Japanese true crime drama Mother, romance Midnight at the Magnolia, Spanish Civil War story La trinchera infinita (The Endless Trench), and the Nigerian-based Citation. The latter picture is also adapted from real-life events, in this case a student dealing with a professor who attempted to rape her.

The streaming giant are releasing some festive treats to get us in the mood for what will be a very different holiday this year as well, including A Christmas Catch, Christmas with a Prince, and the tropical-set Operation Christmas Drop. If that’s not your speed, though, then fans of unusual comedies will get the chance to dig into 2016’s The Late Bloomer, wherein a man experiences a rapid puberty after getting a tumor removed.

On the series front, expect Netflix’s original Swedish comedy Love and Anarchy, and the Egyptian-produced Paranormal, which sees a skeptic investigate supernatural goings-on. In addition, viewers will be receiving the documentary Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta?, which deals with a criminal case in Argentina, new reality show Country Every After, and a comedy special with Felix Lobrecht.

To recap, here’s everything new on Netflix this week:

Released November 2

Released November 3
Felix Lobrecht: Hype *Netflix Comedy Special
Mother *Netflix Film

Released November 4
A Christmas Catch
Christmas With A Prince
Love and Anarchy *Netflix Original

Released November 5
Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta? *Netflix Original
Midnight at the Magnolia
Operation Christmas Drop *Netflix Film
Paranormal *Netflix Original

Released November 6
Citation *Netflix Film
Country Ever After *Netflix Original
La trinchera infinita / The Endless Trench *Netflix Film
The Late Bloomer

A pretty decent collection, then, of original and licensed productions for Netflix as the service hopes to continue a successful year, being one of the few companies to do well during the pandemic. And with plenty more content on the way as the online giant looks to compete with its rivals for the increasingly valued at-home audience, Netflix can expect to finish 2020 in a strong position.

Source: Decider