New Study Reveals How Many Netflix Users Share Their Passwords

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With the current goings-on in the world today making saving money a more important prospect than ever, folks have been left with no other option than to cut back on luxuries. Recurring subscriptions are often top of the list when it comes to getting rid of unnecessary expenses, and Netflix, seemingly not averse to making tough decisions, has given many existing users all the encouragement they need to put the streaming service first in line for the chopping block.

For those not aware, the company confirmed last week that prices for several membership packages would be raised with immediate effect, inevitably resulting in scathing criticism. In light of that development, Kill the Cable Bill has carried out a survey of readers to not only discern how much of an impact on Netflix’s bottom line the aforementioned announcement is likely to have, but various other statistics, including sharing trends and demographics, to name just a few.

The website revealed in its breakdown of the numbers that 52.5% of Netflix users have, at one point or another, shared their password and login details with another. The identity of these co-users ranged from non-immediate family members (25.6%) to friends (17.7%) and, lastly, with a child living away from home (9.2%). By contrast, 47.5% stated they had never shared their information with anyone else. It’s worth noting, of course, that sharing an account with anyone other than those of the same household is considered a breach of the user agreement, though as an anonymous survey, there’s little threat of repercussion here.

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As far as cancellations go, Kill the Cable Bill found that 26% of participants were mulling over the decision to suspend their account due to price increases, while more than 50% stated with certainty that they would be staying for the foreseeable future. Not the bleak result many had perhaps been expecting, then, though still one that will be cause for concern among shareholders.

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Source: Kill the Cable Bill