Star Wars: Squadrons Adding New Ships And Map With Free Update

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Star Wars: Squadrons players may have been told previously not to expect any future DLC for the space combat title, but it appears as if EA Motive has had a change of heart.

Describing how it’s been humbled by the overwhelmingly positive reception received since launch back in October, the game’s developer confirms that two major updates (one each, for November and December) based directly on player feedback are in the works and, what’s more, will be available at no additional cost from day one. As for what pilots will find in each of these content drops, the first is due out shortly and introduces a highly requested map from the single player campaign. Set in a “remote, lawless” region of space, Fostar Haven retains its neutrality, owing allegiance to neither the New Republic or remnants of the Empire.

Environments for this new arena include dockyards and open space and it’ll be down to you to decide which zone better suits your team’s composition. Check out a screenshot of the map, as well as a teaser for December’s arguably more exciting update, down below.

Star Wars: Squadrons Adding New Ships And Maps For Free Next Month

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No, your sight doesn’t betray you, that’s concept art for the B-Wing and TIE Defender alright, and they’re headed to the game next month, though rather than risk unbalancing the current multiplayer experience by introducing an all-new ship class, both will be added to existing archetypes. The former, as depicted in other franchise material, will be a bomber much like the existing Y-Wing, while the latter, first debuted in Star Wars Rebels as Grand Admiral Thrawn’s personal craft, joins the standard TIE Fighter. The new arrivals will have access to all existing components available for their respective classes, with some unique additions intended to present players with choice, rather than having one be strictly better than the other. Neat.

Star Wars: Squadrons is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. See here for our review.

Source: EA