The Mandalorian Broke His Biggest Rule In Today’s Episode

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Din Djarin broke his biggest rule in the latest episode of The Mandalorian. Season 2 of the hit Disney Plus show continued this Friday with its fourth outing, titled “Chapter 12: The Siege,” and it featured one scene that shocked fans, as it showed the titular bounty hunter changing his behavior in a major way. And it seems to link back to his encounter with a familiar face last week.

In the episode, Mando and Baby Yoda take some time out on the Razor Crest to grab some food. And much to the surprise of viewers, Djarin removes his helmet to eat with the Child. Baby Yoda reacts with adorable astonishment, as this is the first time he’s ever seen his “dad’s” face. The audience, meanwhile, only get to glimpse Pedro Pascal’s chin due to the camera angle, but it represents a huge bonding moment for Mando and his young charge.

It’s a big deal, too, as season 1 established that Djarin firmly believed that Mandalorians should not reveal their face to another living being. This was viewed as a plot hole by fans as the animated shows had depicted Mandalorians removing their helmets many times, but in last week’s episode, we finally got an explanation for it when Djarin encountered Bo-Katan Kryze, who revealed that he’s a child of the Death Watch, a militant Mandalorian group dedicated to bringing back The Way of the Mandalore.

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It’s not like our hero is suddenly going to whip off his helmet in front of strangers anytime soon, of course, but it’s clear that Bo-Katan’s revelation had an effect on him and Mando is now realizing that he’s not necessarily disrespecting his people if he takes off his helmet. The fact that he does so for the first time in front of Baby Yoda shows how much he’s grown to trust the little guy, too.

The Mandalorian continues next Friday on Disney Plus.

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