Watch: Batwoman Season 2 Promo Teases A Powerful New Heroine

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Gotham City is about to get itself a new protector, as following Ruby Rose’s exit after just one season, Javicia Leslie is taking over the cape and the cowl for Batwoman season 2. The God Friended Me star will be playing original character Ryan Wilder, a streetwise young woman from a totally different background than Kate Kane. But she’s about to become the latest hero to take up the Bat-legacy, and this new promo promises that it’s time to get powerful.

The 10-second teaser trailer shows us a brief clip, as Leslie’s Ryan is seen changing into her superhero gear in a grimy restroom. We see her don the bulletproof suit, the boots and then spend a moment looking at the cowl, complete with red wig, while saying to herself: “Time to be powerful.” Finally, the promo cuts to a shot of Ryan’s eyes peering out through the mask, signalling that the new Batwoman has arrived.

Overall, this is our third bit of footage of Leslie in action, as a previous teaser featured two clips. One of Ryan on the docks holding up the Batwoman suit and staring at it in awe and another one of her pulling a classic Christian Bale move on a hoodlum and zipping down on her grappling hook to appear behind him. Ryan gives it her own twist, though, by scaring the crook with a well-timed “boo!”

First Look At Javicia Leslie's New Batwoman Suit Revealed

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All the footage so far must be from the first couple of episodes, as Leslie is depicted wearing Kate Kane’s Batsuit. We know that she’ll eventually get it modified to better fit her, though, including some new boots and gloves with extra red detailing, and a  different curled wig that the actress has said is supposed to reflect the fact there’s now an African-American woman under the cowl.

Batwoman season 2 is due to premiere on The CW on Sunday, January 17th. Don’t miss it.