Wonder Woman And The Amazons Take Center Stage In Justice League BTS Photos

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Given that Joss Whedon essentially reworked the entire movie from the ground up and Zack Snyder is putting together a miniseries that’ll run for at least four hours despite only filming a handful of new scenes, there must be absolute mountains of unused footage left over from the initial Justice League shoot, especially when the theatrical edition was mandated by the studio to run for no longer than two hours.

As a result, the narrative was unsurprisingly stuffed with under-cooked, abandoned and half-baked plot threads, as Whedon raced through the big story beats as fast as possible in order to keep things less than 120 minutes. And so, the first attempt at Justice League ended up disappointing fans and critics alike, but has now thankfully been rendered obsolete by the impending Snyder Cut.

With double the running time, you’d imagine that the director is going to lean much harder into the backstories of each member of the team, which looks to be the case after Jared Leto’s Joker was added to the cast and Ray Fisher admitted that Cyborg is actually going to have a character arc the second time around.

Director of photography Fabian Wagner has now revealed some new BTS images which would seem to indicate that Wonder Woman and the Amazons will have a much bigger part to play in next year’s HBO Max exclusive as well, and you can check them out below.

Wonder Woman And The Amazons Take Center Stage In Justice League BTS Photos

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In the theatrical edition, the Amazons were little more than a plot device used to deliver exposition and establish the Mother Boxes before Steppenwolf showed up on the scene to clean house. Justice League doesn’t need to go into great detail surrounding every bit part player in the movie, of course, but a more engaging and well-rounded storyline is a must and something that the theatrical version was sorely lacking.

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