Adam Sandler Reveals The Happy Gilmore 2 Idea That He Really Likes

2 hours ago


Adam Sandler is essentially bulletproof at this point, with the overwhelming majority of his output being panned by critics, but embraced by his fans. Reviews have never exactly tipped in the favor of his comedic vehicles, which constantly face accusations of being repetitive and derivative, but billions of dollars at the box office and the equivalent to hundreds of thousands of years being streamed more than proves that he’s doing something right.

For a writer, actor and producer that’s spent the bulk of his career being called lazy and unimaginative for consistently rounding up the same cast and crew members for his productions, Sandler has surprisingly never been a big fan of sequels. In fact, when it was announced Netflix’s Murder Mystery was getting a second installment, when cameras start rolling it’ll mark the first and only time since Grown Ups 2 that the 54 year-old has ever reprised a role in live-action.

However, Happy Gilmore has been grabbing plenty of headlines as the movie celebrates its 25th anniversary. Sandler took to social media and showed off his golf swing to prove that he’s still got it, forcing Shooter McGavin actor Christopher McDonald to get in on the act. The two reunited once more for an interview to unofficially give the project the green light, and The Sandman revealed one idea he’s very keen on.

“It has not been discussed. But it’s certainly been discussed on the internet. Believe me, that senior tour idea, it would be so amazing.”

Having spent 25 years actively avoiding sequels when there’s no doubt been an appetite for them and probably more than a few requests from the studio, Sandler has admirably stuck to his guns so far. That being said, if he can’t get the thought of Happy Gilmore and Shooter tackling the senior tour out of his head, then it might end up happening one day.

Source: CinemaBlend