All-Female Mortal Kombat Spinoff Reportedly In Development

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It’s fair to say Mortal Kombat has been a big success for Warner Bros. Though critics haven’t been all that kind, fans have reacted positively to it and the video game adaptation has broken HBO Max records – it earned more views in just its first three days on the platform than Godzilla vs. Kong did in five. So it seems like we can rest assured that the studio will continue the franchise. And their plans may extend past just a sequel, too.

Giant Freakin Robot is reporting that Warner Bros. is “currently thinking about” doing an all-female Mortal Kombat spinoff. That doesn’t mean it’ll 100% happen, but the studio is, at the very least, seemingly developing ideas for the project and while GFR can’t get any more specific than that at this time, it’s easy to see how that could work out. The games universe has amassed a range of major female characters over the years and a bunch of them already made their debuts in the newly released film.

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WGTC has just revealed our own scoop that Jessica McNamee’s Sonya Blade will have an even bigger role in the sequel. In light on GFR’s report, this could suggest that MK2 may sow the seeds for this potential spinoff by putting a greater emphasis on the female fighters in the cast. Of the characters yet to appear, Kitana is the biggest so it seems like a good bet that she’ll debut in the sequel and probably factor into this spinoff project, too, if it gets off the ground. Fans seem to want Gal Gadot to land the part of the Outworld princess.

The outlet does note, however, that WB is no doubt floating around a lot of ideas for how they could possibly expand the universe at this stage so this isn’t to say that this spinoff is definitely happening. However, the Mortal Kombat world is extensive enough to warrant being given the Marvel/DC treatment so a female-fronted offshoot of the main films could be a great idea. In the meantime, make sure to catch the movie on HBO Max sometime before it leaves the platform on May 24th.

Source: Giant Freakin Robot