DC Fans Are Roasting Warner Bros. For New Justice League 4K Trailer

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Just when you thought the SnyderVerse talk had finally started to slink into the background of the cultural conversation, along comes Warner Bros. to piss off Justice League fans for what feels like the millionth time. The studio released a new trailer to hype the impending 4K debut of the DCEU’s all-star epic, except it was for Joss Whedon’s theatrical version and not the Snyder Cut.

As you can imagine, the promo has been downvoted into oblivion on YouTube where at the time of writing it holds just over 1,700 positive votes, compared to more than 24,000 negative ones. Surely somebody in the marketing department should have seen this one coming, especially when Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released eight weeks ago and only recently stopped trending on a daily basis.

Of course, WB have been more than happy to ignore any and all calls from the fans to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse, and by all accounts, it’s the theatrical version that bombed hard and was savaged by critics that they regard as the official and definitive version of the film, but as you can tell from some of the reactions below, it’s only given SnyderVerse supporters more ammunition.

WB posting the Theatrical Justice League trailer in 4k yesterday was completely pointless and very petty. I agree that a line was crossed. pic.twitter.com/R9hxizF6F3

— Dlund87 (@Dlund87) April 29, 2021

WB have the cheek to release a 4k trailer of the awful 2017 Justice League today

— Scott Price24 (@scottscfc) April 29, 2021

Only WB would release a 4K trailer of the terrible 2017 Josstice League with the sole purpose of undermining Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

WB Executives = brain dead https://t.co/6oeCDrKRCu

— Colin Kuchenmeister (@coin_slot19) April 29, 2021

The world: Man, fuck J*ss Wh*don.
WB: Justice League trailer in 4K?! pic.twitter.com/pA80uaZZ9c

— gen is excited kenny has 4 belts. ✩ (@genallyx) April 29, 2021

The 4k trailer of #JusticeLeague was released…and it was some bullshit 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ We didn't need it at all, what we need is for these niggaz to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

— Mohlomi🏆🇿🇦 (@thejunglekxng) April 29, 2021

Done messed up A A-Ron pic.twitter.com/LYCWcnhFXx

— Amateur Watcher (@OhioDavee) April 29, 2021

WB posted a 4K Trailer of Justice League on YouTube…

As in the one that came out years ago.

Talk about being tone deaf. pic.twitter.com/kwmHiaVRG7

— Jamie Moran (@JamieMoranUK) April 28, 2021

I agree. They crossed the line. https://t.co/HxNR4ybufx

— Ray PΩrter (@Ray__Porter) April 29, 2021

Big congratulations to @WarnerMedia & @WBHomeEnt for the 1.4k likes on their Justice League Theatrical Cut 4K announcement! That’s only 15 times less than the 21k *dislikes*! I’m sure the misogyny and erasure of people of colour will be even MORE noticeable in 4K.
Good for you! pic.twitter.com/bCm3VTuH9D

— Behm (@behmmacrae) April 29, 2021

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Yesterday Warner Bros US release a 4K trailer for Josstice League.

Today Warner Bros UK release a 10 minute preview for Zack Snyder's Justice League.

This company really is at war with itself lol #RestoreTheSnyderVerse https://t.co/bsOUgtLsK0

— james (@_jamespitcher) April 29, 2021

WB is literally, and I mean LITERALLY the most unaware, tone deaf, head in the sand, ass in the air, ludicrously idiotic, hilariously out of touch movie studio on the planet Earth. @wbpictures

Justice League | 4K Trailer | Warner Bros. Entertainment https://t.co/XzuNoKPhOZ

— Uche Nwaneri(The Observant Lineman)♎ #Snydercut (@Chukwu77) April 28, 2021

if there’s no official confirmation about Zack Snyder’s Justice League sequels or spin offs by the end of DC Fandome this year thats when i’m calling it quits and personally giving up

— Luke (@qLxke_) April 28, 2021

Spare a thought for that poor fan at the end who plans to stick around until the summer’s DC FanDome to find out what the future holds for the SnyderVerse, because the prognosis isn’t particularly encouraging. Even Zack Snyder thinks the campaigns will amount to nothing and he’d be the brains behind any continuations of Justice League. In any case, it’s clear that there’s not a legion of followers clamoring to see the theatrical edition remastered in 4K given its reputation as a complete and utter failure.