Netflix’s New Horror Movie Has The Internet Divided

26 mins ago


You can increasingly rely on Netflix for regular doses of horror, the latest example of which, Things Heard & Seen has dropped on the service and drawing in lots of viewers.

The story sees artist Catherine relocate with her husband George and daughter Franny from Manhattan to the rural Hudson Valley after George takes a job as a college professor. Soon after the cracks begin to appear in their marriage, the sinister history and secrets of their new home begin to make themselves known.

While most of the film’s early focus is on the family melodrama, this soon weaves into a ghost story whose intensity crescendos as Catherine and George’s marital discord intensifies due to Tom’s general douchbaggery and controlling nature that might be the source of Catherine’s apparent eating disorder. Many of the events don’t conform to typical spectral tales, so can often be refreshingly difficult to get a read on the intent of the occurrences. It also acknowledges that the most malevolent presences of horror movies are often human rather than anything supernatural.

People have been posting their reactions to Twitter, sharing their thoughts on its insidious nature, and it seems that overall, the internet is divided on the pic.

things heard & seen was good but i need somebody to explain it to me what exactly george was doing at the end of the movie

— nina. (@xninaynsx) April 29, 2021

Things Heard & Seen was an interesting watch.

— Iperugirl ( Firegirl’s Sister) (@Adriannah_A) April 29, 2021

Netflix's "Things Heard & Seen" is smarter and classier than your average genre exercise.

— The Film Yap (@TheFilmYap) April 29, 2021

So, Things Heard and Seen is OK. Moody, yes. Atmospheric, yes. Haunting, yes. Engaging, yes. But I have some issues…

— Lance Witten (@LanceTheWitten) April 29, 2021

I've watched THINGS HEARD & SEEN twice because I couldn't shake its final sequence. It's not a "good" film, but it is a fascinating one in how it grows gradually unmoored from narrative concerns, becoming something evocative and weird.

My Review:

— eric anders (@MrEAnders) April 29, 2021

*spoiler warning*
just watched Things Heard & Seen, here is my review. like…, watch it if you’re bored but tbh it’s not that great

— sky (@skyskydain) April 29, 2021

Things heard and seen. what a load of crop. give back 2 hours of my time

— whatever triggered me (@whichthefuck) April 29, 2021

Things heard and seen on Netflix. I’m enjoying so far 🧐

— Malaika 'Dutchpot Genna' Malz (@MalaikaMalz) April 29, 2021

Things heard & seen has to be the best movie on Netflix rn.

— Cori Bullock (@cori_n_bullock) April 29, 2021

Just started watching things heard & seen on Netflix and it’s awful, I can’t finish it 😂

— Will (@jowiox) April 29, 2021

Things Seen and Heard, such a waste of my time.

— Nirvana (@joanizu) April 29, 2021

You have to skip "Things Heard and Seen". I spent my 2 hours straight watching a shitty ending #Netflix

— Red (@Fariderator) April 29, 2021

Out this week is THINGS HEARD AND SEEN, which is a baffling and exploitative misfire that becomes less narratively aware by the minute.

Tries to play its own riff on THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, fails miserably and hopelessly to empower its themes.

— Matt Donato (@DoNatoBomb) April 29, 2021

Today I picked Things Heard and Seen as our movie to watch. It’s shite and I’ve now been stripped of all movie choosing liberties.

— Ash Wignall (@AshleighWignall) April 29, 2021

things heard and seen is one of the worst movies ive ever watched

— ً (@galacticlegendt) April 29, 2021

Movie #32 of 2021: THINGS HEARD & SEEN. White male entitlement is the spookiest thing of all. A good old-fashioned haunted house story with a modern touch. Really liked everything except the last act.

— Britny Eubank 🐝 (@britnygottalent) April 29, 2021

THINGS HEARD AND SEEN needs to come with a *huge* trigger warning for those with eating disorders.

It also has absolutely no bearing on the story what-so-ever. If that's something that's going to cause you emotional distress, I'd skip this one entirely.

— Amelia E. 🔪💋 (@BrowncoatAuror) April 29, 2021

@Volta1228 watching Things Heard & Seen, so far an interesting movie

— JeffB55171685 (@JeffB55171685) April 29, 2021

If you guys need a great horror film to watch things heard and seen on Netflix is really good it stars Amanda Seyfried she's great in this film

— CurryGoatFanatic (@PrimroseE8) April 29, 2021

things heard & seen😍😍

— روان (@rwx76_) April 29, 2021

There’s often something compelling about a film with a lot on its mind that has no idea what to do with it all. THINGS HEARD & SEEN is the kind of film that hands you a bunch of raw material and says, “Make of this what you will.” For better and for worse.

— eric anders (@MrEAnders) April 29, 2021

just watched things heard and seen and holy fucking shit i fucking hate you george claire

— venus 🏊 (@FRAGILESABOTAGE) April 29, 2021

Things Heard and Seen on Netflix is really good! I’m all freaked out the way a suspenseful and scary movie should make you feel. @AmandaSeyfried is amazing as usual.

— Michelle (@SoSofieFatale) April 29, 2021

Amanda Seyfried is becoming an increasingly reliable horror presence, giving a number of engaging performances over the years in multiple genre flicks of varying tone. Her beautiful fragility is reminiscent of Nicole Kidman around 20 years ago, and is the most engaging aspect of even mediocre films. Her performance as Catherine anchors the events, at turns resolute in her determination to remain independent and yet vulnerable to the forces circling her.

While Things Heard & Seen is far from the most relentless of horror movies currently available on streaming services, when it gets to the creepy stuff it really finds itself, inflaming the screen with an oppressive darkness that drains it of vitality, and it’s easy enough to see why it got to Netflix users.