Amber Heard Reportedly Set To Star In Her Own Action Movie

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Amber Heard is a major name in Hollywood, but so far she’s yet to really mark herself out as a leading lady. To date, her most prominent role has been as Mera in Aquaman, for which she received second billing. The actress has reportedly got a new project in the works, however, which would see her headline her own movie for the first time.

Giant Freakin Robot has shared that Heard is attached to a film adaptation of 2013 novel Fallen Angel by author Chuck Logan. The plot follows Captain Jessie Kraig, a gifted pilot who becomes the sole survivor of a helicopter crash. As her injuries leave her struggling to remember what happened, outside forces move against her in an effort to prevent Jessie from revealing the dark truth.

GFR describes the project as “a taut action-thriller” that’s being geared as a starring vehicle for the Justice League actress. The outlet speculates that Heard no doubt sees this as a huge opportunity and a chance to really test herself and her acting ability and prove that she can make it as a solo star. By taking this gig, it seems she’s looking to launch a new phase in her career.

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Another of Logan’s novels was previously brought to the screen in 2013’s Homefront, starring Jason Statham with the screenplay penned by Sylvester Stallone – the film recently became a hit on Netflix. Beyond Heard’s involvement, we’ve yet to find out anything specific about Fallen Angel, so it’s unclear which studio is developing it or if it’s headed for a theatrical or streaming release.

It’s likely that it’s still in the pre-production stage and the hunt is on for the right writer and director to bring it to the screen. In the meantime, Amber Heard is gearing up to film Aquaman 2, which shoots in the UK this summer.

Source: Giant Freakin Robot