Captain America 4’s Main Villain Reportedly Revealed

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The main villain of Captain America 4 may have been revealed.

The very day that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier concluded, it was announced that Anthony Mackie was getting his own movie as Sam Wilson, following him stepping up to become the next Sentinel of Liberty. So much is unknown about the project at this stage, but a new report is claiming that Marvel has settled on who Sam will battle in his first solo picture.

According to That Hashtag Show, CA4 will introduce Sin into the MCU. Not familiar with the villain? Well, their full name may jog your memory – Sinthea Schmidt, the daughter of Red Skull. In the comics, Sin very much follows in her Nazi father’s footsteps and works to re-establish HYDRA. Sure enough, THS says that she’ll be aiming towards the same goal in the movie.

The outlet also notes that the screenplay – from Falcon writers Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson – has undergone three rewrites already. Considering the production was only announced about a month ago, and Mackie apparently hadn’t heard about it beforehand, that’s unexpected news. However, WGTC has also been told that Red Skull will appear in CA4, which would make sense if his daughter is the central antagonist.

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As per THS, the film will will focus on “exploring the ideas of legacy for these characters,” which follows on from Falcon touching on the legacy of Steve Rogers. What’s more, Sin’s storyline is apparently built around this concept, too, as she’ll reportedly be “re-evaluating the legacy of her father.” The villain factoring into Sam’s first feature-length outing as Cap does seem highly plausible, then, but let’s just wait for further update to arrive before getting too excited.

Captain America 4 is yet to get a release date or even a director, but we know that it’s coming eventually.

Source: That Hashtag Show