DC Fans Think Henry Cavill Would Be Treated Better If He Joined The MCU

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Superhero fans aren’t ready to let Henry Cavill go as Superman, but if it has to happen then they want to see him take on a role in the MCU instead. Warner Bros. has been working on a Man of Steel reboot for the past few months, and the fandom had mixed feelings about it from the off, but the backlash got a lot stronger yesterday. A new exposé about the movie dropped on Cavill’s birthday, which just brought everyone’s anger at WB replacing the British star into focus.

To be fair, this reboot – which will be fronted by a Black actor – doesn’t necessarily preclude Cavill from appearing as his Clark Kent ever again. Dwayne Johnson is even believed to be fighting to get him in the Black Adam films. That said, much like Robert Pattinson’s hiring spelled that Ben Affleck was no longer the main Dark Knight of the DCEU, this new Superman does mean Cavill will be shifted over to one side.

And the fans aren’t here for it. Now they’re calling for Kevin Feige to reach out to the Justice League actor and invite him to join the Marvel universe. Many seem to think he’ll be “treated much better” over at the House of Ideas.

Henry Cavill, king, please come to MCU. You'll be treated much better here. 😭

— Shruti Rao (@shrutiraoart) May 5, 2021

Henry Cavill, please join the MCU, we’ll support you and treated you better than at WB/DC pic.twitter.com/yRo01OueTT

— FantaFGC (@SakuraiFanta) May 5, 2021

think it's time for Henry Cavill to move over to the MCU 😃

— munibah ⎊ (@madebymunibah) May 6, 2021

Come on #Marvel as #wbpictures have kicked #HenryCavill to the kerb and done him dirty…and especially on his birthday…sign him up as Captain Britain …it's a no-brainer !!! #MarvelStudios #MCU #CaptainBritain pic.twitter.com/eEYTQICsCR

— Connor (@Connor_1313_) May 6, 2021

Tell Henry Cavill to come to the mcu since WB wanna be some pussies smh

— Alex (@1997_archive) May 6, 2021

#HenryCavill should leave Warner Brothers and join #MCU at least they will do him justice

— levan (@levanbenjamin14) May 6, 2021

Warner Bros did this man dirty,

Kevin Feige please cast Henry Cavill in the MCU. https://t.co/c77ytlBnGs

— Neo (@NeoGameSpark) May 5, 2021

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The Sentry – a Superman-alike hero in Marvel’s roster – seems to be a popular choice for the star.

At this point Disney might as well hire Henry Cavill to play the Sentry in the MCU

— A. King Bradley (@AKingBradley) May 5, 2021

If Henry Cavill ever does get the call to be Sentry for the MCU he should take it. WB are just being very intentional with what they are doing rn and I hate it

— Scorpion (@AlabiTheFourth) May 5, 2021

Alternatively, Hercules is another good option.

with everything happening to Cavill and wb, really hoping he does Hercules for the mcu

— 𝕒 𝕣 𝕟 𝕠 𝕟 (@arnnpngn) May 5, 2021

The specific part, though, seems to be less important for folks than just seeing Cavill do his thing in the MCU.

Just counting down the days until Henry Cavill is in the MCU as a Superman analog and he kills it.

— The CH (@TheMetzTheory) May 5, 2021

It’s time to hop on that train.

Hopping on the Henry Cavill MCU train

— Skkkrt Angle | bIm (@juicelessadriel) May 5, 2021

It needs to happen ASAP.

I need Henry Cavill in the MCU ASAP

— Banjojo (@Ban_Jo_Jo) May 5, 2021

Various rumors have pointed to Henry Cavill having already entered into talks with Marvel, with it possible that he’s in the running for Hercules. Captain Britain is another one he may be up for. It would be a major coup if Marvel could poach one of DC’s biggest stars over to their side, and if he really is being pushed out as Superman, then maybe it will happen.