Gal Gadot Rumored To Be Playing Sith Princess In New Star Wars Movie

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Gal Gadot is apparently on her way to the Star Wars universe to play a Sith princess, according to an attention-grabbing new rumor. This one comes from YouTuber Mike Zeroh, who has had some accurate scoops in the past but also has a bit of a reputation for being way off the mark.

Earlier this year, Zeroh claimed Keanu Reeves is boarding the franchise in the role of King Valar in an Old Republic era movie, and now he’s saying Gadot will appear in the same project, which could start a trilogy. According to him, Reeves’ character Valar “will have connections to the ancient Sith.” And joining him in the series will allegedly be Gadot as a “Sith princess” who “will be a part of this Dark Side oriented family.” Zeroh tells us that this Sith-related clan will be the evil equivalent of the Skywalkers and apparently the movie trilogy will be released via Disney Plus instead of landing in theaters.

As per the scooper:

“They’re going to be small-scale films … focusing on a Dark Side family where, pretty much, the downfall of those characters is going to be about falling to the Light Side of the Force. Kind of giving us a reverse of what happens in the traditional Star Wars films.”

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This Dark Side trilogy is reportedly still in the early stages, but Zeroh says Reeves will start proper talks with Disney “soon.” Meanwhile, he expects that Gadot’s involvement will be confirmed by the studio by “the end of the year.” This evil family, he notes, will “give the fans a true perspective, a consistent true perspective of the Dark Side of the Force and a Dark Side family and how that works on the world of Exegol.” This seems to confirm that the films will be set on the original Sith homeworld, as introduced in The Rise of Skywalker.

It’s previously been reported that Patty Jenkins wanted to get her frequent leading lady on board her upcoming Rogue Squadron pic, though that’s yet to be confirmed. Elsewhere, we’d heard that Gadot was being eyed for a new Star Wars trilogy way back in 2019. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Wonder Woman icon ended up in the universe somewhere, then, though we’ll have to see if this Dark Side family saga rumor comes to anything.

Source: Mike Zeroh