Margot Robbie Reportedly Pushing For Harley And Ivy To Kiss On Screen

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It’s weird to think that the last time Poison Ivy appeared in a movie was 1997’s Batman & Robin. Since then, the character has grown so much, particularly through her relationship with Harley Quinn. The next time she graces the silver screen, then, Ivy will surely be paired with her frequent girlfriend. It’s unclear if Warner Bros. and DC actually have any plans for Dr. Pamela Isley’s return, but thankfully, Harley herself, Margot Robbie, is pushing to make it happen.

The Suicide Squad star recently revealed that she constantly bombards the studio about doing a movie starring Harley and Ivy, which would presumably explore the couple’s relationship, a romance that fans love from the comics and the Harley Quinn animated series. Sure enough, a new rumor is pointing to Robbie campaigning to have Dr. Quinzel and Dr. Isley kiss on screen. It doesn’t seem like there’s a specific project where this could occur, just that it’s something she really wants to take place, according to insider Daniel Richtman.

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Right now, it’s unclear where Harley will show up next. TSS was shot soon after Birds of Prey, back when WB were confident that latter film would be a massive hit. Following the all-female team-up flick underperforming, though, they seem to have cooled their jets on developing future Harley-centric movies. Of course, that may also be because Robbie is so busy in other areas – she’s doing a Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff for Disney, for one.

But wherever Harley returns, it’s clear that the actress is adamant on having Ivy by her side. There could potentially be a clash with The Batman franchise here, if Matt Reeves wants to do his own version of the character, but if he doesn’t or WB don’t mind having two different iterations of the villainess running around, then maybe Margot Robbie will get her wish. As for who could play the green-skinned Gothamite, fans have suggested a lot of names over the years, including everyone from Natalie Dormer to Rihanna.

Source: Daniel Richtman