Netflix Reportedly Blocking Johnny Depp From Starring In Addams Family Show

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Tim Burton’s teaming up with Netflix for Wednesday, a reimagining of the Addams Family focused on the goth clan’s teen daughter. Her parents, Gomez and Morticia, will still feature in the series, though, and fans are intrigued to find out who’s going to play them. While many want 90s Wednesday Christina Ricci to take the role of Morticia, others think Johnny Depp could be perfect for Gomez, especially as it would give his damaged career a much-needed boost.

Unfortunately for the Pirates of the Caribbean star, however, it looks like the streaming giant is forbidding this casting from happening. Tipster Daniel Richtman has shared a rumor today that says Netflix is “blocking” Depp from starring in Wednesday. The actor is said to be lobbying to get himself the part of Gomez, but the studio isn’t going for it. Johnny isn’t giving up just yet, apparently, but it sounds like the odds are against him.

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Richtman has brought us many updates on this front over the past few months, initially reporting that Depp was in talks with Burton to feature in the project before the brakes were hit on his appointment as Netflix vetoed it. It seems the company is following the example set by Warner Bros. when they fired him from the Fantastic Beasts franchise. If he wins his next court case against ex-wife Amber Heard, things may be different, but for now, it looks like the star is pretty much blacklisted by all the major studios.

Elsewhere, casting appears to be going much more smoothly. Ricci apparently really is being eyed for Morticia, while the title role of Wednesday is allegedly down to two – Bailee Madison and Jenna Ortega. If there’s no hope for Johnny Depp landing Gomez in the Addams Family show, then fans have also suggested Pedro Pascal as a good fit for the patriarch. So far, though, there’s nothing actually tying the Mandalorian actor to the Netflix series.

Source: Daniel Richtman