Star Wars Fans Are Wishing George Lucas A Happy Birthday

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When George Lucas first cracked the mainstream in 1973 with his second feature American Graffiti, the coming-of-age comedy which went on to enjoy huge box office success and become one of the most profitable movies in history, he probably never imagined that the rest of his life, career and legacy would be almost entirely defined by what he did next.

Star Wars was, is and will no doubt always be one of the most beloved and marketable brands in popular culture, and has long since gone on to launch a massive multimedia empire that turned Lucas into a billionaire, leaving its fingerprints all over Hollywood in the process. A New Hope helped revolutionize the way movies were merchandised and marketed, not to mention the groundbreaking special effects that would change the game altogether.

He also co-created Indiana Jones with Steven Spielberg, established one of the industry’s premiere visual effects houses in Industrial Light & Magic and much more. Indeed, for somebody who made their name as a filmmaker and only went on to direct six movies over the course of 34 years, four of which were Star Wars blockbusters, it’s a pretty incredible legacy.

As fans will no doubt know, the plaid enthusiast turns 77 years old today, and as you can see from the reactions below, folks all over the world have been wishing him a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to "The Maker." #GeorgeLucas

— Daniel S Levine (@dsl89) May 14, 2021

Happy 77th Birthday to George Lucas!! #GeorgeLucas #StarWars

— Ishaan Tiwari (@IshaanTiwari11) May 14, 2021

Happy birthday George Lucas! ❤️
Thank you for giving me and everyone in this galaxy, Star Wars 💫

— Tina Tengra 🙅🏻‍♀️ (@tinatengra07) May 14, 2021

Happy Birthday George Lucas! 🥳🎂 May the Force forever be with you!

— Titan MacDougall (@TitanMacDougall) May 14, 2021

A fantastic Happy Birthday to the Grandmaster himself ! The main man himself who created this EPIC brand new world, the cause for the birth of a powerfull FANDOM of all time, a man who stood the test of time !!! The genius behind it all ! Happy Birthday George Lucas 🥳🎂💙💚❤

— Lord Of Shadows (@AlenRimanich) May 14, 2021

Happy birthday to the king, the legend…George Lucas.

So many of us are who we are in large part because of what he gave us. If I can live my life with half the vision, purpose, and creativity George has, then I can be pretty pleased with that.

— Nicky Kumar 🔰 (@Naquicious) May 14, 2021

Happy Birthday George Lucas!

Thanks for the memories!

— Lady Gravemaster (@LadyGravemaster) May 14, 2021

Happy Birthday to a strong Force in cinema history, and a man of whom I have the pleasure to call my friend, #GeorgeLucas! 🎂

— Drew Struzan (@DrewStruzan) May 14, 2021

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Happy birthday to the man, the myth, the legend… George Lucas.
May the Force be with you, George.

— K’Bucko (@KBucko7) May 14, 2021

Happy Birthday George Lucas! You are a true master of Storytelling, filming, writing, and all things Star Wars! #thankyou #haveablessedday #HappyBirthday

— Luke Neilson (@LukeNeilson10) May 14, 2021

Happy birthday to the one and only George Lucas! May the Force be with you always!

— Star Wars Holocron (@sw_holocron) May 14, 2021

Happy Birthday to George Lucas. The person who brought us the best franchise of all time

— George Thompson (@GeorgeT39335999) May 14, 2021

Lucas is currently contently enjoying semi-retirement and focusing on philanthropy, although he’s well known to drop by the set of the various productions that take place in a galaxy far, far away to offer his expertise and insight. Star Wars is no doubt going to be around decades from now and still thriving long after he’s gone, which is an achievement in itself given that the property celebrates its 45th anniversary next year.

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