First Plot Details For The Matrix 4 Reportedly Revealed

4 hours ago

The Matrix 4 will mark the return of several familiar faces from the original trilogy, but likely not as you remember them.

Despite the obvious real-world age difference (the most recent entry is almost 20 years old) recent plot leaks suggest that this year’s continuation of the series will take place a whopping 60 years after Neo managed to broker peace between mankind and the machines. Considering the fate that befell his character at the conclusion of Revolutions, Keanu Reeves’ relatively identical appearance is expected to be accounted for either through resurrection or as an ageless, newly-created computer program. However Lana Wachowski ends up explaining away Mr. Anderson’s eternally youthful looks, though, it would seem as if the reason for his return has finally been revealed.

Website Giant Freakin Robot claims to have learned from an anonymous source close to the project that the franchise’s fourth outing will take place in a world where the aforementioned truce between organic and artificial life remains. The former, no longer confined to Zion and in constant fear of extinction, have regained some semblance of normal life and even established open communication with portions of their old enemy.

Here's How Keanu Reeves Could Look As Neo In The Matrix 4

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How this equilibrium will be threatened by Neo remains to be seen, but suffice it to say that his return likely won’t sit well with the machines. According to the insider, Morpheus’ former student (who has apparently long-since perished) will re-enter the film’s titular program in search of Trinity. Though explicitly shown to have died towards the conclusion of Revolutions, Neo’s love, again played by Carrie-Anne Moss, has somehow been reincarnated in the Matrix as a married woman with children named Tiffany.

As for what happens from there, your guess is as good as ours, but we’re willing to go out on a limb and predict that what seems to be an innocent plan inevitably goes awry and triggers another interspecies conflict.

The Matrix 4 opens in theaters December 22nd, 2021.